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The Troop Public Relations Story

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February 19, 2021

"Never, never, never, never, ever give up..."

- Every Successful Person Ever - 



Troop Public Relations was conceptualized over ten years ago when its founder, Pamela Vines was stationed at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  Vines, (then Lieutenant Colonel Pamela Hart)  was assigned to the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Media Relations Division, as the Chief of the Personnel Team.  Her team of Officers and Department of the Army Civilians gave immediate responses to the news media including:  the Pentagon Press Corps; the national and local media; and to the general public, who called the about issues and concerns affecting Soldiers worldwide.


During Vines’ combined 29-year career as an Army officer and Defense Consultant, she has always been at the help of crisis management training. She's been the spokesperson for large and small military organizations, including General Officers and Soldiers.


After she retired from the military, Vines spent the next nine years adding to her wealth of experiences by performing as a sought after defense consultant in a variety of environments, from trade shows to technology and speechwriting to strategy. 

In 2014, Vines declared it was time to resurrect her passion to lead her own team of public relations professionals, at her own PR firm.  

Pamela Vines is experienced as a leader, a media strategist, a media facilitator, a media trainer, and a videographer. Vines and her professional team of communications experts will help you meet your PR strategy goals.

If you're a defense organization, a small or large business, or an individual who desperately needs a strategist to help your customers find you, Troop Public Relations is your public relations firm.

Troop Public Relations, LLC is an active member of the Public Relations of America (PRSA), the Independent Public Relations Alliance (IPRA), Washington Women in Public Relations, Women in Public Policy (WIPP), and the Prince Georges' County Chamber of Commerce.