Vines Film is Troop Public Relation's video production division. 


We’re the "Cinematic Ones."


We're a Maryland-based digital communications firm that specializes in delivering and distributing cinematic videos. We create videos that tell a company's brand’s story and bring their vision to life. We support businesses, corporations, associations, non-profits, and advocation-based organizations worldwide.


Our work produces film products that take viewers on cinematic and informative journeys. We do this so our clients can show their customers, not just tell them, about their products and/or services.


At Vines Film, we go beyond making simple one-camera videos. We give our customers a fun and engaging experience starting with the development process throughout distribution. Our cinematic experience includes:


Multiple camera views, creating the client’s video concept, script development/writing, filming on location(s), editing, and revisions (if necessary).


We create all types of videos from Social Media Ads to Campaign Videos to Case Study Videos. Among our services are: Video production, video editing, aerial filming (FAA Drone Certified), 360-degree filming, and strategic marketing strategies.


We also perform digital editing projects. We create low-budget videos from data provided to us including, video clips, images, logos, and documents.

*** New Service Offering***

Live Streaming for Conferences and Weddings



Campaign Videos, Corporate Videos, and Commercials


Potential clients and customers like to see what your business looks like before they decide to work with you. They like to see inside your store and glimpse your culture to experience what your business will offer them. Are you a good fit for their needs? Seeing your company and its services or products helps your customers make an informed decision. Fully-informed potential customers are only steps away from becoming lifetime customers.



Video Communication and Marketing Campaigns


When we create a new video for you, we want the world to see it. We’ll help you design a specialized campaign focusing on the best ways to distribute your video. Should the video stand alone on your website or should it be part of a YouTube series? Which hashtags are best to use? Will this video kick-off a social cause in the community?



Documentaries and Social Cause Videos


Sometimes you have an in-depth story to tell that goes beyond one minute. You want to showcase your business journey, take people on your life journey, or explore the reasons behind an issue that’s been on your mind for years. We’ll help you create that film, bringing out the best interviews to immortalize your story or cause.



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