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Three heated lessons from the Crock-Pot Crisis

Busy families love slow cookers. What's not to love when all you have to do is pile in the meat, vegetables, and herbs, and presto! Eight hours later--dinner. But recently, the Crock-Pot brand came under some reputation damaging heat. Background An episode of America’s beloved TV show, This is Us, showed a faulty slow cooker causing a fire and ultimately the death of one of the show's beloved characters. Emotional fans took aim. They blasted the company on social media. Some even made a show of throwing out their crockpots. The Unpredictable The episode blindsided Crock-Pot. No one could have imagined such brand damage could occur from a blip mention on a television show. Three Lessons Learn

What Poker Teaches Us About Crisis

I recently saw the movie, Molly’s Game. It’s the true account of Molly Bloom, a woman who ran the world’s largest exclusive high-stakes poker game -- before the Feds shut her down. Naturally, the movie reminded me of handling a crisis. Not so much about the way she handled her personal crisis, but crisis in general. Poker can teach us a lot about crisis communications. Yielding to the cliché, I left the theater singing Kenny Rogers’ song, The Gambler. When the guitar strumming dissipated from my head, I started to see the crisis connections. Its true that when crisis strikes your business, you “gotta know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, and when to walk away.” Hold ‘em. Molly was the ban


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