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5 Reasons My Client Won Her Election

One of our campaign video clients recently won her primary election in Pennsylvania. I’m sure there were countless factors that contributed to her amazing victory, but as a communications professional, I believe there were five key reasons she won her election. My client-candidate won because: She communicated her “why.” That is, she showed us that she was the best person to run for the position she sought. She is a natural go-getter, was organized throughout the campaign and she possesses the professional skills and life skills necessary for public office. She was able to translate her skills and abilities into a 45% margin to outperform her opponents and win her nomination. She came up wit

3 Must-Do's Before You Run

I attended a seminar this past weekend called, “How to run for an elected office.” I attend these types of events, not because I have political aspirations, but because these seminars give me a greater insight into my ideal client’s needs. I’m always looking for new ways to help political candidates create and launch successful campaigns. I also get to meet more of these passionate, cause-driven, civic-minded, and intelligent people who choose to lead. An organization called Building Influences presented the event. Linda Thornton Thomas created Building Influences, to find and mentor, “…promising politicians with qualities that are backed by skills, experiences, intelligence, integrity, and

How to Spring Clean Your Reputation

Your social profile says a lot about you. The long trail of random thoughts and ideas you posted throughout the years forms a snapshot of your personality. It reveals your strong preferences and your subtle prejudices for everyone to see. Scary? You bet. To avoid such exposure, some people decide to avoid social media altogether. They think that not having an online presence will save them from society’s judgment and analysis. That’s not true. As it turns out, we tend to be wary of people who don’t show up on our Google searches. We don’t trust social media ghosts. It’s a Catch-22 for sure. But chances are, you have a few years’ worth of social posts stacked on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a


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