It's not a case of if something bad will happen to you or your organization, but when. 


When incidents happen, it exposes your organization and puts you in a negative light. You feel scrutinized by the whole world.


Troop Public Relations prepares CEOs and organization leaders to respond to the press and public before, during, and after a reputation-damaging or disastrous incident.


Unwanted media attention will be far worse if you don't take immediate action and communicate the status of your situation with speed and authority. 

Let Troop Public Relations help you prepare your team and employees before the controversy comes your way. We prepare you, your senior leaders, and your employees to understand and feel confident about the first steps to take 
when a crisis hits. We begin with assessing risks and developing steps to ensure your organization knows how to communicate. We will do what's necessary to help you preserve your good name.

Our team helps you navigate through the initial mania and uncertainty of a crisis. We help you restore trust and rebuild your reputation in the eyes of your customers, co-workers, and associates. 

It's never too soon to plan for a crisis. It's never too soon to practice the steps toward recovery.

Take a look at our crisis packages that show how we can help you protect or preserve your good reputation.