The Reputation Lady

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Communications and Reputation Strategy

The Reputation Lady, a division of Troop Public Relations, is a strategic communications firm that provides social, video, and personal strategies for men and women running for public office.


We provide an array of communications strategies, social media strategies, and crisis communications plans.

Whether you're a political candidate for the next school board, Congress, or President of the World, from this day through the elections, you'll need a consistent and proven way to showcase your campaign platform, your perspective, and your journey.


Your campaign video is one of the most powerful, influential, and useful tools you have at your disposal. Videos keep spreading your message around the clock; around the region; around the nation.


The Reputation Lady can help you lessen some of your political campaign stress by augmenting your team with specialized communications support. We'll help you tell the story behind your decision to run. We'll help you visually convey your campaign messages and vision for improvement within your jurisdiction.


In addition to video production, our other core competencies are media training and reputation protection.


We'll get you ready for your next television appearance or radio interview, AND help you protect your reputation when a crisis hits.


Now that you've decided to run, decide to contact Troop Public Relations to help you create the inspirational campaign video that will inform and move the voters to make the best choice from among the candidates.


Give your campaign the attention it deserves:


  • Media Training

  • Crisis and Reputation Protection

  • Press Conference Facilitation

  • Media Advisories and News Releases

  • Media Pitches

  • Media Events

  • Fact Sheets

  • Speaker Sheets

  • and other Creative Consultation.



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