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12 Ways to Use Video for Business (Pt. 2)

In our earlier blog post, we listed the first six of twelve ways businesses can use video to boost their content marketing.

In part two, we continue the list with six more ways businesses can tell visual stories to enhance customers' experiences with their brands.

7. Introduction (Branding) Videos. Introduce your company to show viewers what doing business with you will be like. Introduce your team, yourself, or your vendors.

8. Executive Profile (Talking Head). This standard video works well for promoting your product or service. It gives a visitor a “first impression” of you and your business.

9. Interview Videos. You can have two people on camera talking to each other or feature one person and have the other off camera.

10. Promotional Videos. Present a solution to a customer’s distinct problem and follow up with strong “call to action,” asking the potential customer to do make a purchase, make a donation, or share/like on social media.

11. Information Videos. This is a to-the-point, simple type of video. It’s a way to deliver current news and information without going too deep. A good example would be a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

12. Entertainment Videos. Music videos or special event videos, can also be useful in a business environment. You might want to film a landmark business anniversary, a special company event, etc.

There are many types of videos to use for business. The types often overlap but the best thing about video is, it boosts your conversion rates and engagement with your customers.

Bottom Line: Despite the 12 types listed above, the three key things to remember about using video are:

1) Video use will continue to grow.

2) Choose the type that meets your strategic purpose.

3) People remember what they see, far more than what they hear or read.

Have you used video to showcase your business?

Please share which type you use and how your video is working for you.