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5 Business Lessons From the Bible

I recently finished reading the Bible-in-a-Year. For three hundred and sixty-five days, I read inspiring, thought-provoking, life-changing scripture.

As I reflected on the passages, I realized there was a lot of information that I could apply to my business. I'm inspired to share my revelations with other business owners.

Below are five inspired concepts that might help you grow or improve your business or organization.

1. Get up Early(ier)

Song of Solomon 7:1

There are many references in the Bible highlighting people getting up with or before the sun. A number of business owners and executives wake between 3:30 and 6:00 a.m. And studies show that 50% of self-made millionaires get up nearly three hours before their workday begins. How do they fill their pre-dawn, pre-work hours? They engage in physical exercise, meditation, reading, responding to emails, writing their goals, etc.

2. Plan

Habakkuk 2:2

The Lord directed the prophet Habakkuk to "write the vision and make it plain." Planning is vital for business. You know the old adage. If you fail to plan…Planning is vital because it forces us to research, project, and analyze critical aspects about our operations. Begin with a vision, create a mission and goals, and then create sub-sets for those goals. These sub-sets are your tactics and tasks. The details. And don’t forget about your “why.” Be able to write down why you care about your business. Can you clearly communicate what your emotional connection to your business is and how it impacts your customers?

3. Use Your Talents

Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus told the story of "talents," which actually represent large units of money. In biblical times, talents were distributed to people according to their abilities. If you had great abilities you were expected to accomplish great things. In today's business world, the application still applies. Possessing special skills and talents will help you improve and expand your business. Personal preparation and diligence are key attributes. Invest in yourself and invest in your employees with developmental training classes. It’s always been the case that if you don’t improve upon what you have, you run the risk of losing it.

4. Make Charitable Donations

Malachi 3:10

The biblical principle written in this passage instructs Christians to give a portion of their first fruits to the storehouse. The business application of tithing can be accomplished by donating a portion of you services and/or earnings to support and uplift the community. There are many ways to give back. You can donate money, time, services, or resources. Not only does altruism feel good, but it's beneficial to the community. Donating a certain sum of money may allow you to deduct it from your income taxes. Other benefits include gaining publicity for your organization, and/or expanding your network and client circles.

5. Be Innovative

Revelations 21:5

In the new heaven and earth, the Lord promises John that He’s going to make all things new. God didn’t say He was going to make all new things. This passage reminded me to be more innovative. Rediscover all the ready resources you have at your disposal. Innovate! For example, if you have micro managing tendencies, let them go. Instead, give your employees the freedom to create new services and products. Test new concepts. Dream big. Execute even bigger! Your most important resources are your mind and your will. Dig deep and recall all the experiences and life lessons you learned throughout your career. You have everything you need to get what you want. For who knows? This may be exactly what you were called to do! [Esther 4:14]

What time do you get up? What do you accomplish before the business day begins?