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How the Black Panther Overcame Reputation Damage in 3 Steps

**Spoilers Ahead**

There are three things the Black Panther movie can teach us about overcoming adversity and unexpected challenges.

1. Be mindful that problems can come from within your walls.

In the Black Panther movie, King T’Challa’s aim was to be a good king to Wakanda and its people. Within seconds of his reign as king, a distant tribal leader challenged his position. Despite wounds, he overcame the situation with strength and grace. Not long after, T’Challa’s council presented him with another problem. This problem uncovered long-buried secrets that threaten to destroy not only his country but his life. Similarly, all we want to do is run a profitable and socially responsible business. Inevitably, external forces rise up to block our goals every time. Such disruptive forces are dissatisfied clients, problematic employees, and envious competitors who are ever-present at your door.

2. Consider your team of advisors

A loyal and trusted team surrounded T’Challa. The council members' advice, mutual respect, and love, guided and protected him throughout all of his ordeals. To withstand adversity and other crisis scenarios, it’s crucial for you to have a team of advisors as well as advocates who’ll support you when public opinion rages against you.

3. Accept the challenge and follow it through.

When T’Challa endured his worst experiences; plunged into his weakest and most vulnerable state, he didn’t give up. Throughout the movie, he announced, “I accept the challenge.” These weren’t magic words, but a testament to the King’s character. When it comes time for your business to experience reputation damage, financial difficulties, or some unforeseen work-stopping incident, you will have to bring out your inner strength and accept the challenge. Don’t hide from your stakeholders, your customers, or the media. In the movie, T’Challa says, “It’s not over. I didn’t yield.” You must not either. It's important to face your challenges head on. Follow them through to completion, no matter how many forces keep coming toward you. If your business is worth saving, don’t yield. Keep marching toward the enemy and you’ll stand a better chance at surviving.

Are you going through any business challenges right now? We'd like to hear about it.