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How to Stand Out Among Other Candidates, Competitors, or Challengers

Among the sea of your competitors, you know you’ve got to stand out as the one. The candidate worthy of the vote. The go-to resource in business. The best person for the job.

But how?

You know you’ve got to appear confident, smart, and prepared in all situations...But that challenge is to demonstrate the special way you view the world and solve problems. You’ve got to show that your heart beats passion and sincerity. Follow these steps:

Know Yourself

Go deep. Then, go deeper still. The answer to why you want to get elected is likely buried within subconscious mind. Your reason for wanting to run this race can’t be as superficial as, “I want to help people,” or “I want to make a difference.” That’s boring and trite.

In our social climate, the only way you’ll connect with the people is to share a bonding experience. For instance: You want to run because as a child, you remember how your mother, a bus driver and single parent, dressed you and your brother at dawn, to ride on the bus with her for two hours before school because she didn’t have extra money for a sitter; and now you want to ensure families have affordable child care. Or, you got shot down while piloting a fighter jet in Afghanistan; endured the loss of your arm; and now you want to ensure that people with disabilities get hired in big industries.

Everyone has a story. Find yours. Start with what inherently makes you YOU. Think about and share the one thing, or life circumstance that has formed you. What changed you? What is it that you can’t get past and that you never want others to experience the same painful situations that you did? You’ll stand out because no one will have lived your story; walked your path; shared your journey.

Share it with us. What do you do better than anyone else? Name three things that you do best? Okay, two. Go with those.

Know Your Competitors

Originality is simply a fresh pair of eyes. Thomas W. Higginson

You’ve got to know what your competition is doing. Research their online presence. Analyze how their posts are doing and how much they’re paying for ads. But don’t copy their styles. That’s them, and not you. Simply improve on their processes.

Know Your Message

After your deep dive, fine tune your message. Make it relatable but concise. I recently saw a home-made, DIY campaign video and the woman added a caption, “Please watch until the end.” Her “reason I’m running” video was a whopping nine minutes. Nobody has time for that.

I’ll give you two minutes, IF you draw me in within the first ten seconds.

Once you develop your concise message, take it on the road. Be seen. Go to events and network. Talk and share with as many people as possible. Leave them with something to remember you.

One last thing: Document every step of your journey. Capture and share your activities with images and video footage because if no one saw it, it didn’t happen. Or if no one saw it the same way you did, it can get misperceived (i.e., frame your story). Or if no one captured it, no one will remember your good community work.

If you need help with your signature campaign video, contact Troop Public Relations. We bring Service. Ideas. Action.