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3 Tips: Sound Better On Camera

Don't let the sound of your voice stop you from creating video content. Here are three ways you can overcome your feelings about the way you sound:

  1. Your voice is fine

It’s interesting that many of us struggle with our voices. Whether it’s our tone or speech rhythm, we don’t like what we hear. This self-judgment can be quite deep-seated -- because our voices are revealing. Our voices reveal our genders, emotional states, disposition, cultures, and much more.

The bottom line is, you don’t sound as bad as you think you do.

In an article from,, author Lindsay Dodgson writes, “Studies have shown how people don't mind their own voice when they don't realize it belongs to them. In fact, they even rate it as more attractive than other people do.”

People have earned millions of dollars despite, or perhaps because of their voices. Actors, singers, sports professionals, voiceover specialists, all make a living based on their distinctive voices. If your voice is unusual, the key is to own it. Embrace that uniquely distinctive part of who you are.

2. Watch your Food and Drink Intake

As you prepare to go on camera, there are a few things you can do to ensure you sound your best. First, rest your voice. If you’re in a talking profession, perhaps the end of the day isn’t the best time for you to record a video. An option is to record in the morning when you feel more rested.

Limit your milk and soda before filming a video!

Before you go on camera, limit the amount of dairy and carbonation you consume. Dairy creates mucus so even the smallest bit of cream in your coffee may cause you to have to clear your throat more than normal. Constant throat-clearing or belching after the result of too much soda will disrupt or delay your video production.

3. Bring Your A-Game

All of your emotions seep into and out of your voice. That is, the tone of your voice will reveal the exact way you’re feeling at the moment you’re speaking. If you’re upset, your audience will hear your agitation. If you feel love toward a person, we’ll hear the warmth. Even if you try to cover it up, your audience will sense your true emotions.

When you’re gearing up to record a video, make sure you feel good about yourself and your topic. When you’re in a place of confidence and ability, your authenticity will shine through. Your audience will receive your intended message for them.

What do you think about your own voice? What kinds of things do you do to project your best voice in your video marketing products?

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