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5 Reasons My Client Won Her Election

One of our campaign video clients recently won her primary election in Pennsylvania. I’m sure there were countless factors that contributed to her amazing victory, but as a communications professional, I believe there were five key reasons she won her election.

My client-candidate won because:

  • She communicated her “why.” That is, she showed us that she was the best person to run for the position she sought. She is a natural go-getter, was organized throughout the campaign and she possesses the professional skills and life skills necessary for public office. She was able to translate her skills and abilities into a 45% margin to outperform her opponents and win her nomination.

  • She came up with a catchy campaign motto. She sought the position for the Beaver County Recorder of Deeds. Her friends call her “Dee” and she combined the two elements to create the motto: “Dee for Deeds.” The campaign tag-line is memorable, fun to say, and it perfectly aligns the person with the position.

  • She’s passionate about her community. Dee has been active in her community for years—not just months before she decided to run. She demonstrated her love for her community through her supportive efforts of her children’s school, her consistency with attending local sports and civic events, her helpfulness to homebuyers in her real estate profession, her organization of an annual non-profit that supports and uplifts her community’s youth, and her demonstrated genuineness and commitment to the betterment of her community -- long before she announced her candidacy.

  • She has an amazing support system. Her husband and children helped her physically and emotionally every step of the way. The family sacrificed countless events, occasions, and family time, all for the sake of campaigning. And when she was wasn’t able to attend an event or make an appearance, her husband stood in for her. Their family was a strong symbol throughout the campaign of her commitment, authenticity, and compassion to lead.

  • And finally, from my point of view, my client-candidate won because she had a great launch video. Dee's campaign video showed potential voters her “why.” Those who watched the video were able to see this candidate communicate why she was qualified to lead and what she intended to bring to the office, in her own voice. The video gave you a glimpse into her home, her place of employment, and even showed an aerial view of what her future as a candidate would look like.

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