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Should you manage your own social media accounts, or outsource?

Social media is not complicated, and it doesn’t have to be all-consuming. Despite your grueling campaign schedule, I believe that candidates and busy professionals have unclaimed moments throughout their busy days to post on social platforms. Granted, you’re busy but there are aspects of posting that you must take on for yourself.

Social media posting success is yours -- only if:

1) you know the types of content you should post (i.e., your communications strategy) and

2) you condition yourself to seize occasions to post.

Opportune times you might post include: while in the car on the way to an event; before an event or meeting; going live during an event; after an event; while in the barber/salon chair; while in line at the grocery store; and dare I say, while in the bathroom; etc. There are plenty of down moments for you to upload a picture, tap out 280 characters or less, and post that tweet.

Aim to post the bulk of your content yourself because it’s YOUR pubic presence. It’s your voice. Your platform. Your authenticity. Your voters want to get to know you. And you’ll want to know what your audience is thinking by engaging with them using your distinctive voice and impassioned personality.

On the other hand, you can’t do it by yourself. There are days when your schedule is jam-packed, and your mind is razor-focused on the business of campaigning. While rehearsing facts and figures for your speech or debate, the last thing on your mind is snapping and posting an Instagram picture. That’s the time for your staff or social media manager to step in and take the reins.

It’s important to make sure your staff member posts content from your approved communications plan. Don’t let anyone post content that you’re not aware of or that you don’t agree with. An off-message tweet will damage your good reputation and send your entire campaign into a media crisis.

To forgo this type of pitfall, begin with a clear communications strategy. When your staff posts from your approved messages and similar content themes, only then can you focus on the business of running to win your election.

If you need help on how to develop your own communications strategy, contact us today!