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Planning a video? Do this first!

We upload a whopping 300 hours of video to YouTube every. Single. Minute. To make our videos stand out among all the others, we’ve got to create video content that’s--

  • informative,

  • instructive or

  • inspiring.

Otherwise, no one will watch it, right?

But, there’s one more “I” on that list to consider. YOU!

To clarify: You absolutely need to put out good information, good instructive tips and/or beautifully inspiring thoughts.

If you’ve got a good communications team you can do that. But there’s something else. To turn a good video into a great one, you’re going to need to bring authenticity to the project.

But how can you let your true, authentic self, come through on camera?

Try these three tips:

#1: Figure out who you are. What personality traits have you honed over the years? Are you a serious person? Are you Funny? Sarcastic? Adventurous? Generous? Impatient? Whatever it is, embrace it because when we look at you, we all see it. It’s when you try to cover up your true character that we see the synthetic version and instinctively tune out.

#2: Don’t focus on who you used to be. Say you used to be selfish but through some significant emotional event, you’re now an altruistic soul. Don’t worry about who in your past knows how you used to be. Stay centered on who you are now and your intent for who you’re trying to help in the video.

#3. Don’t compare yourself to other video masters. In our 24-7 news and entertainment cycle, we’re bombarded with images of more talented, more successful, more engaging versions of ourselves. That’s no reason to discount what you’re now contributing to the world. You may not have the same gregarious personality as Candidate James or Contender Jennifer, but you have an exceptional personality. Embrace your own traits and create content that showcases what you believe and how you’re feeling about a topic.

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