Meet the TroopPRs

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Founder / Producer / Filmmaker

Pamela H. Vines is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Troop Public Relations. As an experienced communications professional, she's passionate about helping companies and individuals through their crisis situations. She's also an innovative problem solver and strategic planner. Throughout her defense and corporate career, she's helped numerous organizations solve their communications issues and help them get discovered in the global marketplace. Ms. Vines is also the Executive Producer of Troop PR's film division, Capitol Film.


COO/ Creative Director

Shurman L. Vines, Sr. is the Chief Operating Officer at Troop Public Relations. Mr. Vines was previously the Senior Strategic Communications Analyst for the Army Chief Information Officer/G-6. Mr. Vines has also been a trusted advisor and analyst to U.S. Government organizations for eight years.  At Troop PR, Mr. Vines oversees all of the Information Technology and Cybersecurity related support to all Federal and private industry clients. Mr. Vines is also TroopPR's resident Drone Master within the Capitol Film division.


Gary George

Gary is an amazing videographer with a keen eye for detail and expression. An Air Force Veteran, Gary is experienced with filming, editing, and production work.

Kenneth Young

Trey is a talented photographer and videographer with a degree in multimedia communications from Wesley College, Deleware. He is experienced in a wide range of technical and artistic aspect of filmmaking.